‘Food 2030 – transforming our food systems through science’ – CommBeBiz’s new bioeconomy ‘Innovation’ magazine published

Innovation Magazine    ‘Food 2030’

‘Food 2030’, the latest publication from CommBeBiz, is now available to download from its website and provides a wealth of information relating to bioeconomy research and food.

The EC-funded project, CommBeBiz, co-ordinated by Minerva, works with researchers and their projects to enable effective and speedier transfer of knowledge about their projects to the marketplace, to policy-players and for social innovation.

 Challenge-oriented research and innovation has become the central theme of the EU’s bioeconomy research, addressing the major problems on Earth, covering many far-reaching issues.  ‘Food 2030’ focuses on the topic of Food and Nutrition Security research.

The magazine’s editor, CommBeBiz partner Sylvia Schreiber, said: “Food 2030 covers interviews, features, infographics and photo panoramas, highlighting the rich spectrum of current debates, trends, projects and vital research developments.”

World Food Day in October 2017, focused on hunger-related migration, with the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization issuing an alert on a new hunger crisis.  After decades of declining hunger, the world organisations dealing with global Food and Nutrition Security expected to reach the target of ‘zero hunger by 2035’, but due to climate change and conflict the number of hungry people has soared by nearly 40 million.

‘Food 2030’ showcases these challenges in a structured way presenting research contents in a comprehensible and entertaining style using storytelling, features, interviews and visual material.

Food and Nutrition Security article


To access the magazine, visit https://commbebiz.eu/?page=3117

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