Industry speak – can researchers learn the language?

Minerva’s Director and Co-ordinator of the H2020 project CommBeBiz, Rhonda Smith, is off to Segovia, Spain later in May to run a workshop for researchers working on bacterial evolution and adaptation by applying classical engineering principles to cell engineering.

‘The aim of the workshop is to help this group demonstrate the usefulness of their work to industry and help ensure that the remarkable knowledge they are generating in their hard-won project is utilised to the maximum,” explains Rhonda. “To achieve this successfully, researchers need to stop speaking the language of science – with which they are so very comfortable – and switch to industry speak. One tip is to remember that those working in industry are human too – and that they will relate to stories as well as anyone else, and will appreciate a visual approach to content that clearly demonstrates the relevance of the science to them and their work.”

More information about the research group that Rhonda will be working with can be found here


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